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Teen Counseling

Helping Your Teen Navigate the Challenges of Growing Up

As a parent, you have a front-row seat to your teen’s journey. Maybe you see your teen dealing with social anxiety, taking less joy in activities they once loved, or even using pot, vapes, and/or alcohol.

Or they might seem troubled, tuned out, often using technology to escape. Deep down, they beat themselves up for not doing things but it’s challenging when their mood is unpredictable and includes deep, emotional lows. Instead of asking for help, they may withdraw from the world, struggling to share with you what’s really going on.

Sometimes you see something is up with them but don’t even know what’s wrong. But how could you know if they struggle to express how they feel? It makes sense if you see their pain and don’t know how to help.

Is Your Teen Going Through Any of the Following Challenges?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • They prefer to be left alone even though it makes them more depressed
  • They can’t stop themselves from being on their phone — it helps them cope but also keeps them disconnected from the world
  • They struggle with social anxiety; the stress of social situations is sometimes too much to handle
  • They have difficulty keeping up in school (or have given up)
  • They are often feeling down, unmotivated, and unenthusiastic about activities or things they used to enjoy
  • They don’t feel sure of themselves, lacking the confidence to put themselves out there, then feeling even worse about themselves for being isolated
  • They get paralyzed with indecision or responding from a place of fear
  • They have little to no contact with one or both parents, including long-distance parents or from the death of a parent
  • They are dealing with the aftermath of divorce including parents in high-conflict who argue or put the kid in the middle
  • They are flourishing, at least on the outside and with the externals like grades and sports; but inside they are a mess, and perhaps acting out in other ways like using alcohol, drugs, or sex

Does Your Teen Sound Like This?

Your teen might be saying…

  • “Leave me alone, I’m fine.”
  • “You just don’t get it.”
  • “I feel like nobody understands me.”
  • “I’m so tired of everything.”
  • “Why can’t things just be normal for once?”
  • “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
  • “I hate my life.”
  • “I’m just so overwhelmed.”

The Relationship Between You And Your Teen Is Hard

You might feel stuck in a tug-of-war, straining your relationship with repetitive battles around homework and school. You don’t want to feel like a nag and they don’t want to feel like they’re on trial, probed, and scrutinized all the time.

Remember the days when you two were tight? Now, it’s all tension and misunderstandings. Getting back on the same page feels like a mission impossible, and you’re left scratching your head, wondering what you can do to bring back that old closeness. 

Empowering Teens for Lifelong Success: Therapy Can Help Your Teen Handle Life’s Challenges 

Through therapy, your teen can learn to navigate challenges such as social anxiety, academic pressures, substance use, and relationship issues. 

Imagine if your teen could..

  • Bounce back from setbacks with strength and determination
  • Rediscover their passion and motivation 
  • Feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment
  • Know they’re not alone and truly understood
  • Pursue their dreams with confidence through therapy
  • Feel loved and accepted for who they are
  • Grow by getting out of their comfort zone

Together, we’ll work on fostering open communication, building confidence, and creating strategies for managing stress and making positive choices.

Have A Fun Relationship With Your Teen And A Peaceful Home

Teen therapy isn’t just about helping your teen—it’s about transforming your relationship and whole family. You’ll get back that close bond with your teen as you witness them feeling better. 

Think about those moments when tensions were high, and you felt like you were walking on eggshells around your teen. With therapy, those moments become fewer and farther between. You’ll start to notice more laughter, more open communication, and a deeper understanding between you both. 

Therapy can also improve how siblings interact, creating a more cohesive family unit overall. Plus, as your teen learns healthy coping mechanisms and communication skills, they’ll become better equipped to handle life’s challenges, leading to less stress for everyone at home. It’s truly a win-win situation for all.

Instead Of Stuck, What If Your Teen Could Move Forward And Thrive?

In our sessions, your teen will have the opportunity to explore their emotions, identify areas of struggle, and set goals for personal growth. I draw on decades of experience as both a therapist and educator to provide tailored support that addresses the unique needs of adolescents and young adults. 

I’m an ally, a positive influence, a space to talk over anything and everything: stuckness, feelings, dreams, anxieties, fears, what blocks them and gets in the way.

What if instead of getting stuck in the difficulty of deciding what to do or how to do it, they had someone to help them find their way? Or instead of bottling up their emotions, they had a place to process them? 

Through a safe, positive space where they can feel truly heard and understood, your teen can practice conversations and strategies for navigating relationships in the most integrous way. They’ll get space to be completely centered on their well being and helping them choose wise paths. Discussing and challenging resistances of how things get in their way.

By empowering your teen to express themselves authentically and develop essential life skills, therapy can help them thrive in school, relationships, and beyond.

What Makes Me Different: Decades Of Experience Helping Teens Inside of The Classroom and Out

As a teacher and professor for over two decades, I have the experience to help your child navigate the rocky waters of adolescence. I know what they are facing first hand because I’m also in the classroom, talking and listening to their experiences every day, and understanding what they are up against as both an educator and mental health professional. 

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