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Individual Counseling

Only brave people go to therapy. Only courageous people have the strength to admit to feeling overwhelmed and needing support. Resilient humans lean on other people to find their strength.

Life can be an unpredictable ride leaving you feeling stressed, anxious, and with a sense that something isn’t quite right. You may find yourself in strained relationships, wondering why it’s so challenging to connect with those you care about. And during life’s twists and turns, the overwhelm gets challenging to handle.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You feel overwhelmed with it all – work, life, kids, family, and your relationships – and you never have enough time for yourself or for the things you enjoy
  • You’re battling with negative self-talk or intrusive thoughts that won’t let you rest
  • You’re stressed trying to figure out what’s next so you can finally do something meaningful with your life
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with parenting, often wishing your kid came with an instruction manual
  • You struggle with complicated relationships with your parents and question if they are ever going to meet your needs
  • You thought you landed your dream job but instead you’re bored – the creativity and excitement stopped flowing

You want a successful life, one where you rise up, overcome what life throws your way, and achieve your goals. Yet you feel stuck when it comes to making it happen. Therapy can help you get unstuck.

It’s a Conversation and a Collaboration

As your therapist, you’ll know I’m always on your side, whether we are discussing challenges that keep coming up for you or the painful ways you might be judging or doubting yourself. My warm and attentive style helps my clients feel safe opening up. I listen and reflect without judgement and I always work to understand you.

  1. Be truly heard. I’m not the kind of therapist who merely listens and provides a few bits of feedback at the end. There are therapists like that, excellent ones. That’s not me. You’ll feel heard as I mirror back what you tell me. I am engaged and fully present throughout our sessions.
  2. Get immediate support. You are looking for relief or clarity NOW — not after I have learned everything about your entire life — but NOW.  And that is where we will begin, with the NOW that brings you to therapy at this time.
  3. Move forward. Through listening to your story, we can find patterns quickly and uncover the questions you may not have considered that help you move forward.
  4. Connect with what matters. Let’s get in touch with what matters to you, your life, and your unique goals. My services are not one-size-fits-all; they are customized to your specific needs.
You don’t need anything to begin. You don’t need to be ready or beyond broken to start therapy with me. You don’t even need to know the answer of why therapy, now. You may not be sure therapy is necessary but perhaps you wonder what it would be like to have someone completely in your corner, non-judgmental, and with no agenda except your well-being. The point is to get support — whatever that looks like for you.

Therapy Can Help You Overcome What’s Holding You Back So You Can Start Moving Forward

Together we will design new ways of helping you focus your energy on what will help you create a better life.

What if you could stop spiraling around in repetitive thinking patterns? What if you could create peace in your relationships both with your partner and with your family?

Therapy together can help you get:

  • Better self esteem, improving your confidence in yourself
  • Less distressing and repetitive self-talk
  • Lower anxiety with the ability to manage what life throws your way
  • Clarity on how to deal with relationships
  • More direction on career and a more balanced life
  • Form deep, fulfilling romantic relationships – moving past repetitive dating patterns and finally find real love

Get help being fully present in the now and gain the insights you need to lead into a new direction. So let’s talk and have a real conversation about how I can help you get clear on your purpose and start creating the life you love.

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