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Daniel Menely

Psychotherapist & Board Certified Coach

Individual Counseling

Only brave people go to therapy. Only courageous people have the strength to admit to feeling overwhelmed and needing support. Resilient humans lean on other people to find their strength.

Many of my clients feel they are doing something over and over that’s not moving them forward. Can you relate? Perhaps you struggle to find work that is both meaningful and gives you joy. Or maybe you’re dating but it feels utterly hopeless and you fear that you’ll always be alone.

Something needs to change. But you may feel you don’t have the power to change the circumstances of your life. You aren’t reaching your full potential. Instead of thinking of next steps, you are using your energy to live a life you don’t love.

Do any of the following resonate?

  • Going through waves of feeling fine and then underappreciated at work
  • Not having time or energy to exercise with no sense of life balance
  • Bad self talk or intrusive thoughts that don’t let you rest
  • Stressed trying to figure out what’s next so you can finally do something you find is meaningful and makes money
  • Parenting feels difficult, you worry about not feeling present, question if you understand your kid, or overwhelmed managing problematic behavior
  • Your complicated relationship with your parents feels exhausting, hopeless, and as if they are never going to meet your needs
  • Feeling overwhelmed with it all — work, life, kids, family, your relationship

Stressed, anxious, feeling like something is not working. It makes sense if life is overwhelming with everything that’s going on. And it can be challenging to figure out how to get unstuck on your own.

Even if things feel challenging, therapy can help.

It’s a Conversation and a Collaboration

As your therapist, you’ll know I’m always on your side, whether we are discussing challenges that keep coming up for you or the painful ways you might be judging or doubting yourself. My warm and attentive style helps my clients feel safe opening up. I listen and reflect without judgement and I always work to understand you.

  1. I don’t just listen and say a few things at the end. There are therapists like that, excellent ones. That’s not me. I mirror back what you tell me so that I am understanding you. I ask questions. I make important observations. I am engaged and fully present in the experience with you.
  2. I meet people where they are and help them get to where they want to go. We focus on solutions immediately. You won’t have to wait to start figuring stuff out, we will start making progress in session one.
  3. You will have space to be heard and understood. Through listening intently to your story, we can find patterns quickly and uncover the questions you may not have considered that help you move forward.
  4. My services are not a one-size-fits-all. We will work together to get you in touch with what matters to you and your life and reach your unique goals.

You are looking for relief or clarity NOW — not after I have learned everything about your entire life — but NOW.  And that is where we will begin, with the NOW that brings you to therapy at this time.

There is always room to talk about the past. But it does not need to drive every therapeutic conversation.

You don’t need anything to begin. You don’t need to be ready or beyond broken to start therapy with me. You don’t even need to know the answer of why therapy, now. You may not be sure therapy is necessary but perhaps you wonder what it would be like to have someone completely in your corner, non-judgmental, and with no agenda except your well-being. The point is to get support — whatever that looks like for you.

Therapy Can Help You Overcome What’s Holding You Back So You Can Start Moving Forward

Together we will design new ways of helping you focus your energy on what will help you create a better life.

What if you could stop spiralling around in repetitive thinking patterns? What if you could create peace in your relationships both with your partner and with your family?

Therapy together can help you get:

  • Better self esteem, improving your confidence in yourself
  • Less distressing and repetitive self-talk
  • Lower anxiety with the ability to manage what life throws your way
  • Clarity on how to deal with relationships
  • More direction on career and a more balanced life

Get help being fully present in the now and gain the insights you need to lead into a new direction. So let’s talk and have a real conversation about how I can help you start creating the life you love.

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