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Daniel Menely

Psychotherapist & Board Certified Coach

Helping Individuals, Couples & Students
Psychotherapy for New York & Oregon Residents
& Coaching for Everyone

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I am a warm, attentive therapist that can help you, your relationship, or your teen. I provide therapy and coaching for those experiencing high stress, rocky relationships, or generally feeling stuck in life.

Often people can’t name exactly why they are seeking therapy, but most feel like something is in their way somehow, and want more meaning in their life. Maybe it’s time to consider a change: a new dating approach, or building more creativity into work. Perhaps you are in a relationship but you’re having the same arguments over and over again and it’s bringing you both down.

You probably also wonder, like I do, if the world will ever be the same and when pandemic life will be over. How do we keep our energy up, find resiliency, and create meaning for ourselves and with others amid all this chaos? If any of this sounds familiar, I could be the right therapist for you to talk to.

I help people get unstuck and create pathways to flourish.

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