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Couples Counseling

working with Level 3 Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy

You may be here because something is not working in your relationship, or because passion has faded. Maybe the arguments have become more frequent and repetitive. Perhaps you used to feel so connected but now you don’t even seem to understand each other. Are you wondering if you and your partner still seek the same things?

I Help Couples Heal From Issues Such As:

  • Blaming one another, and keeping score of wrongs.
  • Criticism has become the norm in your relationship.
  • Lack of emotional support, leaving you alone when you are needing connection.
  • Fights resulting from a lack of clarity around money and finances.
  • Assuming your partner has lost the ability to care for you or grow.
  • Lack of intimacy or sex leaves you both feeling unloved.
  • Avoiding talking about the real problems.

Some couples who begin work with me know what the trouble is but it keeps coming up again and again. Others don’t understand why their relationship has become so hard.

Get Help Identifying the Underlying Problem and Discover How to Reconnect

Even if you are scared your relationship is beyond saving, or that one, or both of you, don’t have the emotional capability, couples counseling can help you get strategies to repair and reconnect.

It makes sense that incoming couples have concerns about the process of therapy. But don’t worry, I’m not one of those couples therapists who takes sides or let’s one partner run the session.

Let me share how therapy with me will go.

  • We’ll work on problem solving instead of just having a bitch-fest around what happened in the past, who said what, and who’s fault it is.
  • We’ll avoid getting stuck in the weeds. We’ll ask questions that actually get you somewhere, like, “How can we stop hurting each other and enjoy our relationship?”
  • We’ll use sessions to actually prepare for future conflict — so that you both have the tools to manage conflict and quickly find resolution.

Instead of going over the last argument and who said what and when, you will get practical tools on how to move forward, focusing on what will work for the future.

Through slowing down, asking questions, and learning the how-tos, you both will have strategies to reconnect.

My approach is informed by The Gottman Method, for which I have Level 3 Practicum Training.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Have a Loving and Fulfilling Relationship

Together, we will find new ways of bringing back passion, connection, and romance, while integrating strategies for de-escalating conflict. We will also explore your love languages so you can take the guesswork out of reading your partner’s mind. What would it feel like if you weren’t on opposite sides? And instead, teamed up as doubles partners, supporting and lifting one another up?

As you and your partner begin to repair triggering fault lines more effectively, I will help the two of you co-create a stronger foundation for more fulfilling love and intimacy. We will create a playbook for navigating conflict and developing better loving strategies, all in service of the two of you as a team.

Get Started with Your Free Consultation

Better communication with your partner can start today. During our free consultation, we can discuss why you are considering therapy and explore how I can help.

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